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Content Marketing

Blog Posts

Single, topic-specific blog posts, written for readers and SEO.

Blog Editorial Calendar and Post Series

Continuously generate new traffic with ongoing, strategic posts.

Social Media Setup

Create an inviting page with robust ABOUT content, etc.

Social Media management: Facebook, Twitter, and More.

Consistently grow with posting/monitoring 1-2 hours/day, 5 days/week.


Maintain customer loyalty with regular issues filled with tips and offers.

Editorial Piece for Newsletter

Usually shorter than SEO/content articles, about 600-800 words

Long-Form Video Sales Letter

This long-form online sales video may be 20 or even 45 minutes long

Short Online Video Script

1-5 minute “explainer,” demo, how-to, case study, testimonial, or short VSL.

Podcast Script

Make the most of this medium with captivating scripts/copywriting.


Answer common questions asked by customers (great for SEO).

Case Studies

Offer problem-solution-outcome stories featuring a product or service.

White Paper (Special Report)

Attract email sign-ups/new leads with valuable, downloadable reports.


Provide highly useful information to customers via electronic guides.


Generate strong, “real-world” credibility for products or services.

Autoresponder/Funnel Emails (Series)

Deepen customer relationships and/or drive follow-up purchases.

Stand-alone Emails

Reach out and grow sales with special promotions, invitations, more.

Training Script/Copywriting

Help customers use a website service or complete a task.

Content Strategy

Site Audit and Reporting

Boost search rankings and conversions by finding gaps, opportunities.

Keyword Research

Identify top keyword opportunities in Google, etc., on specific topics.

Competitive Analysis

Set the company apart from competitors with a detailed copy review.

Web Copywriting

Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting

Set the stage for a great site experience that prompts conversions.

Category Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting

Rewrite the main web pages, such as About, Services, Subscribe.

Product Page Update: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting

Generate more traffic and sales for each specific product or service.

New Page: SEO and Sales-conversion Copywriting

Use professional, compelling copy for all new products and services.

Complete Site Re-Design with Copywriting Overseeing Content Flow

Ensure excellent usability, SEO, and messages in a site re-design. (Separate from page writing.)

Web Sales Copy

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/Adwords Campaigns

Break through search clutter and drive traffic to specific online sales / landing pages.

Banner Ad or Text Ad

Drive the most visitors to specific discounts or other promotion pages.

Lead-Gen Landing Page

This short-copy “squeeze” page can bring in massive leads and sales.


Boost sales on a super-specific website containing 2-5 pages.

Offline Copywriting Services

Brochure (3+ panels)

Succinctly and clearly explain how a product/service benefits prospects.

Sell Sheet

Give sales reps excellent product detailers to use with prospects.

How-to Guide (such as a Buying Guide) or “Tips” Booklet

Hand out helpful printed guides and booklets to customers.

Product or Program Naming

Develop a pipeline of excellent product name ideas and taglines.

Training Manuals (non-software/technical)

Provide effective employee training for call centers, processes, etc.

Welcome Packet

Help members/subscribers understand all the benefits and how-to’s.