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Using a Ghostwriter For Your Blog

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Justin Knepper

Why is a business blog important in the first place?

As an essential element of your business and content marketing strategy, blogs can educate, inform, or entertain your client base while promoting your brand. Your regular blog postings will build your social media strategy to boost engagement. 

Moreover, once published, they live on your website rent-free and can do wonders when SEO-optimized to bring traffic to your site. 

Should I hire a ghostwriter for my blog?

Many small businesses, however, don’t have the staff on hand with either the time or know-how to write a thorough, engaging blog. That’s where a ghostwriter comes in. 

A ghostwriter is somebody who writes content on another person or business's behalf. They don't get credited as the author, but they are paid for their work. A ghostwriter will write a blog for your business website so you can publish it under your byline. So why should you hire a ghostwriter to write your business blog?

Ghostwriters are usually professional writers who can write a lot of content quickly and well. With SEO experience, ghostwriters can make sure that the blog content is not only interesting to your readers, which is the most important thing but also includes keywords and phrases that should help it show up in search engine results when people look for answers related to your blog. 

Where you or members of your business team might not have strong writing chops or the ability to cover a broad range of topics, ghostwriters handle that content creation for you and can expand on areas outside your expertise to build a comprehensive blog, which also frees your team to focus on their regular tasks at hand. 

How does working with a ghostwriter work?

Ghostwriters need guidance from you or your team since you are the experts in your field. To produce a successful blog, you and your ghostwriter need to collaborate on potential topics, as well as further develop these ideas so the blog can contain quotes, real-life examples from your industry or promotion of specific services/products.

NOTE OF CAUTION: While blogs serve as informational material for your readers, mentioning a product/service is allowed, as long as your blog is not a bait-and-switch just to sell the reader something.

Your ghostwriter will send you the drafts for review and approval, so you’ll have the chance to suggest edits as well as the final say before it’s published. Writers are often paid either by the word or a set price, depending on the pricing arrangement agreed upon between both parties.

If your budget allows for a ghostwriter, you can save yourself or your team time by hiring them to write a string of blogs. When searching for a ghostwriter, look for one who has some experience in your industry. Review the blogs they've already written and make sure the details are correct, the content is easy to read, and keyword phrases are sprinkled throughout the piece in a smart way.

So if you’re still thinking about whether you should hire a ghostwriter, remember that professional ghostwriters can increase the value of your blog content, website traffic, and social media engagement.

To learn more about blogging services for your business, contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation about what you’re looking for in your business blog.

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Justin Knepper