Content Marketing Holiday Opportunities

31 Day Countdown – Tip #28: Holiday Opportunities

The holiday season is a fun opportunity to engage with your customer and prospects. Dependent upon the type of company and industry you are in, you can be as whimsical or professional as you want for the holidays.

  • Creating a spooky theme day for your customer-facing office.
  • Sending valued clients a holiday card or eCard.
  • Hosting a holiday event for clients (and potential clients).
  • Honoring holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day.
  • Celebrating cultural holidays with social media posts.
  • Creating a holiday theme for your customer newsletter.
  • Facilitating a donation drive for a non-profit.
  • Organizing a volunteer event for your employees and/or clients.

Explore what other companies do in your industry during the holidays for ideas and ask your employees and customers for ideas!

For more about this series read our 31 Day Countdown to Your Success post.

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