Clock Is Ticking

31 Day Countdown – Tip #24: Clock Is Ticking

If you want someone to act now, you need to create a sense of urgency. When offering a product or service, one of the best ways to get a better initial lift in response is to offer a bonus or discount… but for a limited time. Offer X% off if they book their trip or purchase the product before a determined date (or even within the next few hours.) It all depends on the online channel you are using to make the offer.

  • If emailing an offer, give a specific date to respond… and be sure to send a follow-up email to those who have not responded before the expiration date of offer.
  • If posting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) then offering an even shorter window (days or even hours) could be successful, dependent upon your volume of followers/subscribers.
  • If using a blog post and/or website for an offer, then rather than an expiration date, provide volume discounts and/or discounts for the first “X” number of buyers.

Creating a sense of time urgency is a very effective way to increase motivation in your clients and potential clients.

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