Can You Scan?

31 Day Countdown – Tip #22: Can You Scan?

Social media (in association with the internet as a whole) has accomplished an amazing feat! It has turned us into scanning junkies! We scan everything we view online. If the title or image doesn’t catch our attention, we scroll right passed it. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Google search, or in your email. We all scan… and this is where you can take advantage of scanners!

When writing your online articles (or emails to customers or prospects) always consider how “scannable” it is. From the title to the images you include to the format of the body of the message, it all needs to be scannable.

To be scannable, it needs to:

  • Have unique headlines (titles)
  • Have an engaging lead (first sentence or paragraph of article) that make the want to keep reading
  • Have sub-headers to break up the text and guide the readers to each subject within the article
  • Include bullets and lists where appropriate (like this list you are reading)
  • Consider using infographics (timelines, processes, product features, etc.) – these are a great way to summarize complicated or complex topics into a visual asset to include in your article.
  • Have a “call to action” at the end that is clear and easy to find – can be as simple as asking them to visit your site for more articles, or to call for an appointment.

If your blog article becomes too lengthy (more than 750 words on average) then consider breaking it up into an article series (if possible.) Even when you incorporate all the suggestions above to make it scannable, if an article gets to be over 1,000 words, you may lose interest so consider what’s important in the article or expanding the content into a series.

For more about this series read our 31 Day Countdown to Your Success post.

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